We all know that wine and music go together. Yet in Hong Kong, very few events seem to combine the two in a relaxed environment. Let's change that!

Maybe you are a music lover or amateur performer who wants to know more about wine but finds it confusing...

Maybe you are a wine lover who has musical talent but is too shy to go on stage...

Or you just like wine and music, and spending relaxing moments with friends and family…

After all, both wine and music are about sharing.

Join us for a fun, interactive wine and music jamming afternoon!

2016 Christmas Jam 

Bring your wine and music loving friends/fans along!

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Past events:

Orange Peel: 25 Feb 2015

A Summer Jam: 21st June 2015, Orange Peel

2016 Summer Jam: 25th June 2016, Orange Peel

Mission statement:

To share the love of wine and music among like-minded people and to spread the enjoyment. At a music event, most musicians and audience members would like to enjoy a glass or two of wine. But most house wines are fairly ordinary. Wine Music Jam lines up importers to serve wines during events so guests can try quality wine at good prices. The entrance fee is designed to cover the venue rental and other costs while all wine sales revenue goes back to the importers. The objective of Wine Music Jam is to show consumers that wine can be good value and at the same time good quality and certainly can be enjoyed in a way that complements our enjoyment of music.

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